Monday, January 06, 2014

Documented Life Project

One of the few things I am participating in this year is The Documented Life Project. A lot of people are using a Moleskine planner but I wanted to be able to use different types of papers and a heavier weight than the moleskine pages. I went with a small ring binder so I can add easily and work outside the book. This is my cover. I made a fabric piece and covered the binder with it.
The first challenge was to take a pic of your door. You could interpret it in any manner that you wanted to. Since my planner is small I am going to be using my little Instax Mini polaroid camera for any pics I decide to put inside it. For the first challege I just took a pic of the door and then created a little house around it.


Karin said...

Stunning cover Audrey, Using different paper types makes perfect sense to me.
I adore the little house you've created using your front door. It truly looks fab.

Kelly said...

Ooh, I love how you've done the door! I'm waiting for my planner to arrive and then I will be starting - a moleskine, so not sure how I'll get on with the paper.